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The Awake VINGA 3 is the easiest to use high-performance eFoil. 

Designed for both beginners and riders looking to advance their skills, this electric hydrofoil is the ultimate companion for your water sports adventures. With a setup time of just 30 seconds and the ability to get you flying within 5 minutes. The VINGA 3 allows you to quickly become skilled at eFoiling.

The 95 liter volume provides support and ensures that riders can achieve planning at both early stages and low speeds. Additionally, the board features a double concave bottom designed to facilitate soft and comfortable takeoffs and landings. With its high power output, the VINGA 3 is adept at accommodating eFoilers of various weights, ensuring that getting up and eFoiling is effortless for everyone.

Soft rails are a critical aspect of the design, enhancing the board’s ability to recover smoothly when it touches the water surface. This results in more predictable behavior, allowing riders to maintain control and enjoy a seamless eFoil experience.

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